Khusheim Holding brings about 6 decades of expertise and tremendous growth in Industrial Equipment. With an in depth knowledge & understanding of the market spans, complementing it with unique understanding of local cultures, technical and business requirements positions Khusheim Holding has grown into a dynamic force in the fields of industrial trading, services and manufacturing through joint ventures. Khusheim Holding has a Media Services Division catering to the Television Viewers, Content Providers and Media sectors.With humble beginning as a single industrial machine repair workshop, Khusheim has grown as one of the largest Industrial Equipment Companies in Saudi Arabia, offering over 9000 different line of products, Khusheim’s dedication to quality & service has earned the name as a trusted partner among its 50,000 customer’s covering all sectors such as oil and gas, petrochemical, Aluminum and steel manufacturing, Power and water utilities companies, support industries and secondary industries.Khusheim’s vision is to be the “best choice for its customers, suppliers and employees” which is fulfilled by offering the best services and work facilities in par with the industry with retention as its utmost priority.What started as mere departments offering various services for Sales & Marketing, Service & Maintenance and Manufacturing is now independently managed as a profit center falling under the umbrella of Khusheim Holding.
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